CBD Oil is extracted from which part of the hemp plant.

cbd öl is the oil extracted from the hemp plant. Most are extracted from hemp seeds. Maybe we would call it hemp oil or hemp seed oil, or it doesn’t contain cannabinoids and little THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Therefore, it is often classified as a drug. Legal hemp juice may contain up to 3% CBD.

In America, hemp is not illegal. commercial cultivation To extract Hemp Oil, especially Hemp Oil, and sell the oil legally

Hemp Oil has three simple extraction methods.

Hemp oil extraction That’s why it’s not complicated. There are many tutorials on Youtube. There are methods like extracting cannabis oil, but we divide the main ones.

  1. The Rick Simpson Technique Rick Simson’s method uses solvents. Such as alcohol. The oil can be dissolved and extracted by using all hemp plant parts to produce oil containing CBD Cannabinoids.
  2. Use a hemp oil extraction machine. Oil Extraction: is to use an oil extraction machine. With high-tech techniques, pure oil extraction Can use all hemp plant parts. Leave the hemp.
  3. Contains CBD Cannabinoids.
  4. Use a manual press, often used for hemp seeds, to extract the oil. Hemp seeds yield 30% of the oil by weight. The oil is extracted by cold pressing method, where hemp seeds do not contain any CBD Cannabinoids.

Properties Hemp Oil can be used to treat what diseases?

  • hemp oil has high nutrition vitamins that can be used for cooking
  • .Apply massage to treat skin diseases, nourish hair
  • Treatment of stress, insomnia

What does the Kanchong plant look like?

The hemp plant (Hemp) medical name Cannabis Sativa L. subsp. Sativa has stems extra than 2 meters tall, internodes, or joints. Less branching and branching inside the identical direction The peel is sticky and clean to peel. Provide tremendous lengthy fiber. The leaf plates are yellowish-inexperienced. The leaves have about 7-nine lobes; the arrangement of the leaves is pretty a long way apart. When flowering, there is not tons of rubber on the inflorescence. The seeds are massive and highly stripped. Rough seed floor The leaves are smoked with a mild aroma. Cause headache customers comprise tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) much less than 0.Three%. The distance among vegetation is narrow. Because it’s miles grown for fiber on my own, it could be extracted. cbd öl can be used to make medicines but is lighter than hashish.

How to make cannabis oil easy by yourself

The equipment used to extract cannabis oil is as follows:

  1. Rice cooker
  2. Coffee filter paper
  3. Marijuana weight 30 grams.
  4. Scales
  5. Measuring glass
  6. Alcohol or ethyl alcohol (edible) more than 90% alcohol 800 ml.

Choose a strong liquor here.

  1. Stopwatch
  2. stirring blades, a spoon is fine
  3. Thin white cloth

Hemp oil extraction process 

  1. Weigh 30 grams of cannabis
  2. Soak cannabis in a measuring glass. with alcohol (vodka) 800 ml, take 5 minutes
  3. Filter the residue with four layers of thin white cloth, then filter the coffee filter paper again.
  4. Bring to a simmer in the rice cooker for 35 minutes, until all cbd öl is left. look with eyes

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