How to get Google to index your site quickly

You must ensure that your website is searchable in order for your landing pages, blogs, and homepages to appear in Google’s search engine results. This is bad news for anyone trying to drive organic traffic through organic search.

Google’s index is used to provide relevant content when people search for content using the search engine.

Why is site indexing important?

Google doesn’t index websites that haven’t been indexed. These websites are not available in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Googlebot’s web crawlers (Googlebot), must “crawl” a website to index it. Find out more about crawlability and indexability.

Here’s a quick overview to help you get started with the search engine process.

Crawling – Search engine bots crawl a website to determine if it is worth indexing.

Indexing – The search engine adds the website (in Google’s instance, its “Index”) to its database.

Ranking – The search engine ranks websites based on metrics such as relevancy and user-friendliness.

Indexing simply means that the site has been stored in Google’s database. Predetermined algorithms control indexing, which takes into account elements such as web user demand and quality check.

How can I find out if Google has indexed my site?

It’s obvious that your website should be indexed. Site Search makes it easy to check where your website is at search engine giant Google. Here’s how you can check:

Go to Google’s search engine.

Type “” into the Google search bar

You’ll find the Google search results categories “All”, “Images”, “News” and “Images” under the search bar.

If there are no results, the page has not been indexed.

You can also use Google Search Console to verify if your page has been indexed. You can create an account for free. Here are the steps to access the information you need:

Log in to Google Search Console

Click on “Index”

Click on “Coverage”.

The number of pages that have been indexed is displayed.

Google won’t index your page if there are zero valid pages.

To check if specific pages have been indexed, you can also use Search Console.

How can I get Google to index me site?

Requesting indexing through Google Search Console is the easiest way to get your website indexed.

You want your website to be easily indexed, no matter if you are a site owner or a marketer.

Optimize Your Robots.txt file

Robots.txt files can be used to help crawlers prioritize pages that are most important, and not overload your site with requests.

Check that all of your SEO tags are clean

SEO tags can be used to help search engine spiders.

  • Rogue noindex tags
  • Meta tags
  • X-Robots–Tag
  • Canonical tags

Double-check Your Site Architecture to Ensure Effective Backlinking and Proper Internal Linking

  • Crawlers can find your pages by internal linking.
  • Remove nofollow internal links.
  • Add highly-ranking links.
  • Create high-quality backlinks.

Prioritize high-quality content

Ranking and indexing are dependent on high-quality content. You can ensure that your website’s content performs well by removing low-quality pages.

Googlebot can then focus on the most valuable pages of your website and make better use of your “crawl money.” Furthermore, every page should be useful for users. The content must be original. Google Analytics can flag duplicate content.

More insights into your site’s SEO

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