Improve the benefits of CBD/marijuana to medical products

From the Ministry of Health’s policy to drive the medical marijuana policy and promote cannabis and hemp as a new economic crop, Pharmaceutical Organization is the first production unit of Thailand and ASEAN. They have developed medical cannabis products for Thai patients to have access to quality products Legal Medical Grade Standards By delivering and distributing three formulations of medical cannabis extract under the tongue (dominant THC formula, prominent CBD formula, and THC: CBD 1:1) to both public and private medical cannabis clinics across the country and has collaborated with Khon Kaen University to develop innovative cannabis products and technologies in modern pharmaceutical preparations such as transdermal patches. The film adheres to the oral tissue. Rectal suppository To increase access and treatment in more diverse ways.

Recently, the Narcotics Control Board has proposed (drafted) the Ministry of Public Health’s announcement on the name of narcotics in category 5 B.E. Only licensed to grow, produce or extract in Thailand It is not classified as a narcotics of category V, namely:

  1. Bark, stem, fibers, branches, and roots
  2. leaves, which have no shoots or inflorescences attached to them
  3. Extracts containing cannabidiol (CBD kaufen) as an ingredient. and contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) not more than 0.2% by weight
  4. Hemp seed, hemp oil, or hemp seed extract.

Which can be used for medical benefits to taking care of one’s health, for example, in Thai traditional medicine recipes and herbal products such as leaves, roots, stems, the use of extracts in drug production. Herbal products and cosmetics, In addition, the seeds or hemp oil. It can be used to produce food and cosmetics.

Based on the (draft) announcement, the announcement will facilitate the adoption of cannabis and hemp plants and increase their accessibility. The Government Pharmaceutical Organization has prepared to support the policies of the Ministry of Public Health. With the development of cannabidiol (CBD) products as an ingredient for medical applications in pharmaceutical products. various cosmetics in a variety of formats, including

  • Products for the treatment of psoriasis in cream (Psoriasis cream) and shampoo (Top to toe shampoo).
  • Pain Relief Roll-on and Pain Relief Balm
  • Anxiety relief products Help calm the mind is a substance that can be dissolved in water (Water Soluble CBD) in the form of tablets (Oral Dispersible Tablets).
  • Skin rejuvenation products (Sleeping Mask)
  • Skincare products for people with acne problems (Anti-Acne Cream).

The GPO’s development of the above products is produced using raw materials, which are extracts containing mainly CBD kaufen (CBD) from the cannabis plant. The production process adheres to the main principle of medical-grade, that is.

  1. Safety is safe
  2. Consistency contains a similar active ingredient in every lot produced.
  3. Efficacy is effective in treating.

And it follows the international standard guidelines for good practice in 7 areas, from planting to products delivered to consumers. in the use of medical benefits with confidence and accordance with the law.

The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) had prepared information on the product group containing cannabidiol (CBD) as an ingredient above. to be presented to the Food and Drug Administration in considering registration in the following order When the law was officially enacted

Golden Triangle Group reveals full bookings for hemp CBD extract until mid-’65

The Golden Triangle Group’s Raksa CBD kaufen Full Spectrum extract products from factories in Chiang Rai and Bangkok, with an area of ​​up to 1,500 and 3,000 square meters, are all reserved to be delivered to Thai consumers by the beginning of 65 in the form of Cosmetics, food, beverages and much more.

GTG plans to build a new production plant in Chiang Rai. to increase production and meet the demands of the market continuously increasing. At present, products from the first group of factories in Bangkok and Chiang Rai are in the final construction. It has been captured 100% quickly.

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