Terms in Indonesian Online Casino Blackjack Betting

The selection of Indonesian online casino sites to be played is something that should not be done arbitrarily. Why is that? Because now there are many fraudulent casino sites that commit fraud to novice bettors.

Then drain the money of the beginners for the benefit of the personal site. Of course, it would be very helpful and detrimental to play on such a site. That’s why you have to look for a trusted casino site. In addition to trusted casino sites, they also provide many games like a

Fill in the Importance of Indonesian Online Casino Blackjack Betting

From the selection of online casino games that exist, there must have been the word blackjack. Blackjack is a casino game using playing cards. This game is very popular in Europe. Unlike poker, which has complicated rules, blackjack or twenty one uses simpler rules.

Bettors must make a combination of cards with a total value of 21. The highest value in this game is 21. If the value obtained exceeds 21, then the bettors will immediately lose. In the blackjack game, there is a special card, namely As has a double value of 11 and 1. Then the other cards have the same value as the numbers, for Jack, Queen, King it is worth 10. Still about blackjack, this article will discuss important terms in betting these, which are as follows.

1. Hit

Hit means bettors want to add 1 card. This option will be taken when the two hand cards that are owned have a value of less than 16. In general, two hand cards are played on blackjack bets, but there are also cases where bettors have to take a third hand card.

2. Split

Split means dividing the twin cards into two, then the dealer will give 1 card to each card to replace the twin cards. This option is very rarely used, it can only be taken when bettors get twin cards.

3. Double Down

Double down means that bettors want to add 1 more hand, but there are conditions that must be met. That is to increase the value of the bet up to two times. This option is often taken by bettors who have more confidence that they will be able to win the game.

4. Stand

Stand means bettors want to challenge the bookie, by confirming. This option is taken by bettors who manage to get a card combination value of 21 or close. So confident to challenge the city.

5. Surrender

Surrender means that bettors want to give up and stop in the round of the game. This option is taken to avoid high losses if you are in a bad position. When surrendering, bettors only need to pay half of the bet placed.

6. Insurance

Insurance means doing insurance on the dealer’s card. This option was taken in order to reduce the risk of large losses. Because by taking insurance, if the bookie wins, the bettors will not experience too big a loss. Because it has insured half the cost of the bet that was previously placed.

Those are the six most important terms that are often encountered when playing Indonesian online casino blackjack at In online blackjack betting, bettors must understand how to calculate card values correctly. Because it will affect decision making when playing. If you don’t understand how to calculate value, bettors can make the wrong card combination. If so, then it can make bettors not win.

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