Types of Aggressive Car Driving to Know

Different types of drivers operate vehicles on U.S. roadways every day. You might be a very cautious and responsible driver, but there is no guarantee everyone else is. Irresponsible drivers will violate traffic rules, especially teenagers. Some people treat the roads like their own personal racetrack or as though they are in a high-speed chase in a Hollywood movie. They are not concerned with the well-being of others.

Automobile and motorcycle accidents often involve aggressive driving. In 2012, half of all fatal accidents resulted from aggressive driving, which gives you an idea of how dangerous this type of activity can be. Here are some examples of aggressive, dangerous, and violent driving that create hazards on the road.

  • Excessive Speed:People too often ignore the road’s speed limit. Some people love extreme speeds. They unnecessarily try to outrun other cars on the road. Aggressive drivers can intimidate other drivers off the road, which can create dangerous situations for drivers traveling in other lanes. Young drivers or teenagers may try to race each other through busy areas or neighborhoods where fast driving is strictly prohibited. These actions often result in accidents.
  • Cutting Off Other Automobiles:Overtaking another car from the wrong side, attempting to outrun plows or construction vehicles, or trying to push other cars to the side are just some ways of cutting off other automobiles. These types of behaviors are also considered aggressive driving, regardless of speed. Drivers should not try to pass or overtake other cars from the incorrect side. It is rude, unsafe, and against the traffic rules. Only police vehicles and other official vehicles are permitted to violate traffic rules when necessary to conduct official government or other business, and they receive special training to do so safely.
  • Not Allowing Another Car to Pass:When driving on public roads, you have a duty to act like a responsible adult. This sometimes includes giving the right of way to others. Some people would rather create a hazardous situation than allow another vehicle to pass for no reason other than a sense of competition. Failure to exercise courteous driving for the safety of others can also cause an accident.
  • Taking Wrong and Speedy Turns:Another sign of aggressive driving is taking wrong turns. One should not take risky turns from the wrong side of the road. If you decide to take a turn from the opposite side or from the wrong side of the road, you can easily collide with another vehicle traveling lawfully through the flow of traffic. Similarly, a car traveling into a turn at an unsafe speed can skid out of control. A vehicle can slide sideways and quickly spin out of control. If there is traffic on the road, others could be dangerously affected by your aggressiveness as well.
  • Crossing Red Lights:When you see the red light, it’s time to stop. No one will appreciate you crossing the road when others are trying to follow the rules and remain safe. Traffic lights exist to keep traffic safely flowing through busy areas. They are designed to control speed and direction. Failure to properly adhere to stop lights is dangerous to yourself and others using the road.

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