Weight training and stretching exercises

Anti-Aging Exercise, weight training and stretching exercises for muscles and joints. There are many ways to take care of yourself to slow down aging. like applying cream Cleansing the skin with a gel face wash เจลล้างหน้า  But now, did you know that exercise is a great way to slow down aging? Buy Anti-Aging Exercise exercises, divided into 3 types, we will pick up and say 2 types.

Type 1 weight training exercises.

It is considered very important and is known as the real Anti-Aging Exercise.

Because this type of exercise is the best way to build muscle strength and increase muscle mass. It also stimulates our body to produce hormones that are a group of Anabolic Hormones, including sex hormones such as Testosterone and Growth Hormones. These hormones keep the body healthy. Fit and firmware systems The body works better and most importantly, makes us look younger from the inside out.

There are data from several studies that have found that Weight training exercises will not only help build muscle strength. It also makes the circulatory system better. Helps build strong bone mass Helps reduce fat accumulation in different parts of the body including the level of bad fats in the blood And increase the good cholesterol in the blood to help with better concentration and memory. Build more self-confidence Better sexual health and a better quality of life as well

Most of these exercises require resistance to weight lifting, such as barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells. That we know well in a form called Free Weight or exercise in the form of a Weight Machine or use your own weight as resistance.

Weight training exercises need to be learned and must be consulted with a trainer or trainer before starting to exercise. Because it is necessary to use skills in the correct and appropriate project.

Many times I have noticed that many friends walk to various fitness centers. and using equipment to exercise, including posture and using the wrong weight therefore tend to cause frequent subsequent injuries Until it causes us to exercise or stress with exercise for a long time.

Therefore, before starting weight training, it is recommended that we give the trainers of that fitness center. Be the first to teach. And the same goes for cardio exercises. The frequency of the beginner’s weighting exercises. Should be at about 2 -4 days a week (as for who will get every day or play more, depending on the program of each person) and should have a day off after the day of playing magic. To allow the body and muscles to recover and develop stronger as well.

The recommended duration of play for beginners should not exceed 60 minutes, including warm-up and rest periods during play. This weight training exercise The main goal is Creating resistance to the muscles of the body To allow the muscles to adapt and develop continuously. both in size and strength Therefore, it should be performed in a position that exercises large muscles such as chest, back, thighs, and then practice other muscle groups alternately according to the program that is appropriately organized each day. The technique of choosing weights, number of sets, number of repetitions including various playing techniques That is something that needs to be learned and practiced more.

However, the Anti-Aging style of weight training is somewhat different from normal weight training. because our goal is Strengthening the muscles (Muscle Strength) helps the work of various joints (Joint Support) to be better and stimulates the formation and function of good information in the body (Balance Hormones). Anti-Aging Exercise is not possible. heavy weight The kind that all bodybuilders and bodybuilders use. and lifting weights or exercising in different positions Be careful not to place too much weight on the joints, which can cause long-term injury or deterioration.

In addition, the duration of exercise is also very important. Anti-Aging Exercise recommends that this type of exercise do not exceed 60 minutes, because about 30 – 45 minutes is the time when the body can produce testosterone. Rhone and Growth Hormone are at their highest and continue to produce until about 60 minutes, but after this the body will make less of these hormones. Because the hormone cortisol (Cortisol), which is the hormone of stress, replaced it. Therefore, it can be seen that our exercise cannot be an Anti-Aging Exercise at all without weight training exercises.

Type 2 Stretching exercises for muscles and joints.

Actually, this type is part of each exercise already. Because every time before exercising, we have to stretch the muscles. And after the exercise must be done as well.

The reason for this is because stretching the main muscles such as the shoulders, chest, back, arms and legs increases flexibility in the body and increases the range of motion of the joints. thereby reducing the likelihood of exercise injuries including playing various sports

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The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) advises that You should stretch your muscles after warming up with light to medium intensity cardio exercises. enough to make muscles, joints and tendons Fairly flexible This will make the most of this stretching exercise.

Therefore, it is recommended to do stretching exercises after every other exercise. I’m done or after playing the magic in each group various meats to loosen the muscles and increase the flexibility to continue playing It will also help reduce injuries from exercise. Stretching the muscles that we can do according to the postures that are defined in each muscle group. The length of the stretch is held for about 10-30 seconds, repeating each position 2-4 times, which is still found today. This type of exercise can also benefit balance training. and increase the flexibility of muscles in the elderly as well But it is a different type of exercise that focuses on movement and balance of balance that is often seen such as Chinese boxing or Qigong or yoga because we call that type of exercise Neuromotor Exercise.

However, the three exercises mentioned above can do together And it doesn’t just have to be an elderly person. This is because it helps our muscles, joints, balance and movement better. Check out high blood symptoms, if you want to know about it.


Anti-aging exercises or Anti-Aging Exercises that will benefit the most requires the use of different types of exercise. As mentioned above blended in proportion to the suitability of each individual Therefore, there is no one type of exercise that is best.

In addition Anti-aging exercise can’t have the greatest benefit without proper nutrition care. Because the food we eat is like a raw material for enhancing. or repair the body Therefore, it is important to focus on eating nutritious foods such as good quality protein. Complex carbohydrates, good fats such as omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids, as well as enough fruit and water.

Another important thing is getting enough sleep It will allow the body to repair and rejuvenate itself along with building strength. restore our youth under the action of hormones and systems in a balanced body

Then it’s time for us to prepare to exercise.

At the end of this chapter, I would like to leave you with the following “Don’t let exercise indirectly hurt yourself. But let’s use exercise as a tool that will lead us to slow down the aging disease.”

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