5 Features That Make A Teaching App The Best App For Online Teaching

The present highly sophisticated technological age demands the requirement of the best app for online teaching. The advent of various kinds of educational apps along with the availability of several teaching apps have made possible the smooth functioning of the teaching and learning process. 

An online teaching app has made learning a lot more enjoyable. Students can learn interesting concepts by means of engaging videos, creative diagrams and well-illustrated Powerpoint presentations. 

No wonder why online education has received so much popularity! Online classes have made the schedule of the students quite flexible and have given them enough room to allocate their time to get enrolled in some good courses, internship programs and to spare time for their hobbies and interests.

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But, what makes a teaching app the best one? 

What are the parameters or conditions that can make an online teaching app worthy enough to be used to impart the best quality of education to the students? 

To ensure you have chosen the best app for online teaching, we have come up with this super informative blog post that will tell you about the features that you need to look for in an app before finalising your choice.

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5 Features That Make A Teaching App The Ideal/Best Choice 

1. Recording Of The Session 

It is very important for the teaching apps to offer the facility of session recording. Students might face problems later while studying the concepts and doubts may arise. Under such circumstances, if the class sessions are recorded and stored in the app, the students can easily play the video and revisit the class discussions. This will help solve their problems and help them complete their assignments and prepare well for the examinations. 

2. Availability Of The “Polls” feature 

Polls are an excellent way to keep the students engaged in answering short questions. Teachers can post polls with interesting questions related to their topics in the curriculum. Once the class gets over, ask the students to vote for the option that they think is correct. This will not only make the students recapitulate what they were taught in the class but also draw them more towards that lesson. 

3. Screen Sharing Facility 

The facility of screen sharing is a must have for a good teaching app. This helps the teachers to make the students better understand the concepts by sharing the screen to show the students presentations or relevant videos available either online or offline.

During the time of assessments, the students will also be able to share the screen to present their projects or presentations seamlessly. There is no longer the need of setting up projectors and juggling with wires. Yes, the screen sharing facility is that much needed!

4. Live Class Chat 

The best teaching app is the one that lets the students chat with their pals as well as their teachers at the time of a live on-going class. Instead of interrupting the teachers while they are talking or explaining something, the students can type out their queries in the chat box. When this message will pop-up on the teachers’ screens, they can respond to them instantly. 

Initiation of real-time conversation is really necessary during live online classes. This ensures a proper communication between the teachers and the students. Besides, the students can also receive feedback from the teachers, from time-to-time throughout the entire class interval. 

5. Feature Of Breakout Rooms 

A good online teaching app makes available the feature of breakout rooms to facilitate the teaching process. Teachers can divide the total number of students into various smaller groups and assign them certain tasks, for instance, an individual or a group project. 

Teachers can virtually enter these rooms whenever they wish to and check upon the progress of the students. Thus, the breakout rooms ensure that the learning process is made all the more student-friendly. 

Final Words 

Hopefully, the above-discussed features will help you in selecting a good online teaching app with all the required features intact in them. 

The teaching-learning process demands constant interaction and proper communication from the ends of both the teachers and the students. 

The best online teaching app will effectively reduce the physical distance between the two groups of students and teachers, sitting on either sides of the screen. 

Wish you have a happy teaching journey!

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