5 reasons to own a condominium in Bangkok

One of the great benefits of owning a home is altering it to your taste. You can make the house your home by adding your personal touches. However, not all properties can be tweaked in this way. There are a few countries that offer you such a prospect and one of them is Bangkok. This country is at the top of the list of destinations to own a house.

Below are five reasons why you would want to consider owning condominiums in bangkok

1. Hospitality and tourism 

Bangkok is known as the land of smiles and this is a result of the warmth and friendliness its citizens display to tourists and visitors.

Bangkok has the largest and most advanced tourism industry in Thailand. Ranging from its rich and diverse culture to the number of exciting activities the city offers such as  Bangkok is also known for its glamorous village and famous cuisine recipes.

2. Beautiful landscape

From the rainforest to beaches to islands Bangkok seems to have been blessed with many of nature’s kind gifts. Popular for its jaw-dropping beauty,  Thailand is said to have attracted over 15 million tourists in 2018 and these numbers have steadily increased over the years at 2019 it recorded an influx of 25.9 million tourists and a great deal of these numbers came to Bangkok toonily.

3. Freedom and privacy

Condominiums in Bangkok offer you privacy devoid of noises from other condos, especially for people who prefer quiet spaces and do not appreciate noisy neighbors. You also have the freedom to alter the paint and the ceiling of your condo to any design of your choosing.

It is also a great place for retirees who are looking for new adventures or a new phase of life as Bangkok offers a special type of retirement visa for immigrants and non-immigrants alike who are above fifty years of age.

4. Foreigner-friendly laws

Thailand’s condominium act of 1979 gives foreigners the right to ownership of properties within the country. Its laws over the years have been modified to include certain clauses that protect investors who want to buy a condominium within the country.

Thailand’s laws protect not only its citizens but also visitors to the country. According to the law, about 49% of residential complexes are available or could be purchased by non-citizens of the country.

5. Investment opportunities 

Having positioned itself at the top of the world’s most visited city, the position of the city in the center of Southeast Asia gives it added promotional opportunities. It is surrounded by other nations Making it the second largest economy in SouthEast Asia coupled with the greater infrastructural level of the city.

Bangkok also has one of the best medical facilities, an amazing network system of Bangkok’s mass transit lines known as BTS Sky trains and railways that run through the city. It has a very good reliable and fast internet network, which would undoubtedly be a plus for those who would want to walk remotely.

In conclusion, Bangkok offers a number of desirable lifestyles as it has adopted a modernized and global way of living such as building malls, clubs, bars, and world-class hotels. Bangkok also has a low living cost rate compared to other surrounding countries.

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