Extortion emails: What to do about them

Never interact or react to an extortion email, no matter how convincing it seems to be. The attacker might discover more about you with every transaction.

Never open attachments or click on any links.

There are cybercrime authorities in most nations. The FBI in the United States has a cybercrime division. Even if the crooks imply there will be “repercussions” if you report the extortion email, you should report it immediately.

Extortion emails may normally be forwarded to the appropriate authorities through an official email address. Delete the email once it is received to police.

Ensure You Have New Passwords

After that, you’ll want to change the passwords on all of your other online accounts. Don’t use the same password for all of your online accounts!

For security reasons, you should never use the same password for several accounts. Credential stuffing is a technique for gaining access to other accounts if your password is stolen during a data breach.

Paying the ransom is an option, but should you?

An extortion ransom will not fix the problem. The long-term consequences will be detrimental.

Crooks will always come back to you for money, or worse, sell your personal information to other criminals as a “easy target. Consult your local authorities if you know that the attackers have information or material that might be used against you. Not responding or negotiating alone is a waste of time!

 الابتزاز الإلكتروني can be covered if identified and reported on time.

What Should You Do If Your Company Receives Threatening Emails?

Businesses are also the target of extortion emails, despite the fact that they are less prevalent. To prove that criminals have additional damaging information, the sender may expose a corporate password.

These emails never make it to the intended recipient’s inbox because of spam filters. However, organisations must respond in a way that is consistent with their values.

Companies, like people, should never interact with extortion email senders! The email should be reported to the authorities and deleted immediately, so please do so. It’s time for you to block that email address. If you any  الابتزاز العاطفي problems, we can help you out of this.

Immediately Change Passwords

Don’t be afraid to change your passwords, even if you’ve used the same password for many accounts; this is a bad habit that firms need to break.

Password reuse may be prevented by utilising a password manager such as TeamPassword. In TeamPassword’s built-in password generator, you may use capital, lowercase, symbols and numbers to construct passwords ranging from 12-32 characters.

One Password Manager for All Your Online Accounts!

Each member of the team (including customers, freelancers, and contractors) is given a TeamPassword account instead of sharing raw login credentials.

A browser extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari is then used by team members to log into social networking, productivity apps, marketing tools and other online programmes such as Google Drive. For example, in a similar manner to how Google Chrome stores your credentials

So why don’t you use Chrome instead?

For personal usage, passwords kept in your browser may be useful, but they have several security flaws and don’t work well for securely sharing passwords.

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