Range Rover Evoque Engine Line Up and Problems

Higher models with powerful engines have been paired with auto gearbox having nine transmissions and standard all wheel’s drive

Five generations of Range Rover Evoque have been released and we witnessed various Range Rover Evoque engines under the bonnet. This very capable SUV has been offered with diesel, petrol, mild hybrid and diesel mild hybrid engines over the years. A wide range of power unit options makes it lucrative for buyers as most of them find the right power unit model for their needs. First generation Evoque became popular for its body design and other Range Rover SUVs started looking outdated. That generation came with 2.0-litre diesel and petrol engines.

According to replacement Range Rover Evoque engine specialists, these engines came with power variants so the range of engine power kicks off with a 150hp unit and reaches 300hp. Range Rover offered six speed manual gearbox and two wheels drive option with few models of Evoque. Higher models with powerful engines have been paired with auto gearbox having nine transmissions and standard all wheels drive configuration. Engine lineup kicks off with 1.5 litre P160 8AT. This engine has torque of 260Nm, which remains available from 1600rpm to 4000rpm. Maximum power output of 160hp becomes available at 5500rpm. Turbocharged technology with direct fuel injection accelerates smoothly. Mild hybrid fuel setup keeps running costs reasonable.

A top speed of 124mph is good enough for highway cruising. It takes 10.3 seconds to sprint from 0km to 62mph speed. For a large SUV this figure is quite acceptable. Front wheels drive and eight-speed auto transmissions have been paired with it. This Range Rover Evoque engine uses petrol to produce energy. Euro 6 compliant unit produces 154g/km. All wheels drive models of Evoque are expensive to run but you get the best traction for slippery tracks. Turbo diesel 2.0-litre engine is next in lineup and 2.0-litre petrol unit also present with power output variation. 2.0 litre SI4 9AT AWD petrol engine with 200hp output has 340Nm torque, which becomes available between 1300rpm and 4500.

2.0 Litre Diesel and 2.0-litre Petrol engine and their Power Variants

Mild hybrid technology has been offered with these engines to improve fuel economy. The same petrol engine variant of 249hp is also available with different specs. This powerful engine reduces sprint time to 7.3 seconds so this large SUV accelerates just like a modern-day car. All wheels drive and auto gearbox of 9-speed transmissions have been paired with this model. Fuel average lowers with 29.8mpg through mild hybrid assistance has been present. This very 2.0-litre petrol engine of Range Rover Evoque with 300hp is the most powerful variant. Top speed increases from 143km to 150mph and acceleration time further reduces to 6.6 seconds. It is really quick for an SUV of this size so thrilling drive performance with good body control offered by this model of Range Rover Evoque. The least powerful 2.0 litre diesel engine variant gives you 150hp with a fuel economy of 42mpg, so not a big difference in terms of fuel average and buyers can put their hands on either petrol or diesel engine models of Evoque.

Refined and less polluting petrol engine models of SUV are liked more. Turbocharged common rail 2.0 litre TD4 9AT AWD model also has mild hybrid technology and auto gearbox with 9 transmissions. It is a bit slow to reach 62mph and the exact time for this Evoque is 11.2 seconds reveals this fact. Another TD4 engine in the lineup gives 180hp and quick acceleration of 9.3 seconds for reaching 100km speed. These wheels drive SUVs offer an exciting drive experience so fuel economy is not very good like two wheels drive models. D165 MT of 163hp is another diesel engine in the lineup with 10.1 seconds to reach 62mph speed. This model has been configured as front wheels drive so 44.4 mpg fuel economy is ensured. Carbon emission lowers by 139 g/km so people conscious of the environment will prefer it masstamilan.

High Powered Diesel Engines of Range Rover Evoque

The diesel engine range also has D165 9AT AWD model with the same output of 163hp but all wheels drive configured Range Rover Evoque offers thrilling drive. More powerful 2.0-litre diesel engine D200 AT AWD has a maximum of 204hp and acceleration time of 8.5 seconds. These figures make this model attractive for buyers who want a sporty driving experience. The combined cycle fuel economy figure of 45.2 mpg is very good with this power and acceleration. SD4 9AT AWD is the most powerful diesel engine in the range. It has 240hp and a maximum speed of 140mph. It takes only 7.7 seconds to cross the speed barrier of 100km whereas the fuel average drastically lowers to 38mpg. Carbon emission of 176 g/km is also high. These engines are good to pull the large SUV but some problems also persist with them expotab.

Problems Faced by Range Rover Evoque Owners

Range Rover Evoque mild hybrid assistance comes from 48 volts battery but the problem of short-circuiting has been reported for this system. It could be quite dangerous if the engine catches fire. Other Ranger Rover SUVs also have this issue. Another serious issue reported with 2019 and 2020 models of Evoque is all of sudden stalling of the engine. It happens even without any warning and catches you all of sudden. The driver has to start the engine again. Range Rover Evoque 2014 and 2015 model reportedly has transmissions problem as the gearbox shifts to neutral without any action from the driver. It is again very embarrassing and Range Rover recalled vehicles due to the problem. Complete engine failure is another big problem, which happened to Evoque models from 2012 to 2017. Turbo system failure of the engine has also been reported and caused trouble to drivers.

Range Rover offered a replacement of engine parts and a complete turbo system. Repair and maintenance of Range Rover Evoque are quite high and may cross value of the vehicle. Usually high cost SUVs like Range Rover Evoque are expected to be free of problems, mentioned in this paragraph but unfortunately the facts cannot be denied. Buyers have to manage these shortcomings. Producer of this vehicle recall units but not always. People keep buying these very capable big cars for their off road abilities and superb engine performance. In new models Range Rover should try to overcome such issues so that reliability of Evoque sustains. Other parts of Range Rover Evoque like windshield wipers and software issue also occur.

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